Nitrogen in our racing tyres, lets give it a try…

Going racing always seems like a good idea before you take the plunge. Your daydreams of arriving at a track, race car on trailer ready for action tend to omit all the actual effort required for the task ahead.

If your cars reliable, consider yourself lucky. A simple regime checking the cars fluids, brakes etc should be adequate. One issue most teams dislike though is the subject of tyres.

Which manufacturer to choose then how much to pay, where to get them delivered or should you collect. Getting your rims to a trusted garage to swap worn tyres for new can be time consuming.

Pushed for time, Adam tried out a garage local to his new work place. Drive In Autocentres Halesowen were extremely professional whilst changing / balancing the tyres and were very interested in the Trackpseed race programme.

Halfway through the job Stuart Ash (Garage Manager) kindly suggested we fill the tyres with Nitrogen to help maintain a consistent pressure during the race. Adam had heard of F1 teams using the gas but had never considered it relevant for a car running in MSVR events.

The staff explained the advantages Nitrogen has over compressed air. The inert gas helps hot race tyres avoid pressure fluctuations. Another useful bonus is less corrosion because there’s no moisture. Nitrogen also has larger molecules than oxygen’s meaning less pressure loss.

The Team Trackspeed van is now full of nice new boots ready for action, Paul and Adam cant wait to feel the benefits of Nitrogen filled tyres throughout their next race.

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This excellent garage is Halesowen’s Premier Autocentre. They provide a complete one-stop shop for all your vehicle needs including servicing, MOT`s, tyres, brakes, diagnostics, alignment, air conditioning and exhausts.

On offer is a free brake safety check for your peace of mind.

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